Small Business Marketing Agency

Small businesses have unique needs that require a specialized approach when it comes to marketing. They know that a one size fits all approach won’t work when it comes to successful marketing for small business, that is why many turn to small business marketing companies.

What Makes Small Business Marketing Unique?

Small Business Marketing is unique because it generally takes a more creative approach to a balanced marketing mix. Most marketers of small businesses know that they will be operating on a limited budget, which means creativity makes the biggest impact on the marketing mix. From the largest corporations to the tiny mom and pop shops, every small business marketing mix should consist of the following elements: good branding, strong online presence (social and web), solid advertising strategy (paid ads through ad words and retargeting), integrated sales strategy, community partnerships and foundational local search engine optimization.

What sets a small business marketing agency apart from a large marketing agency?

A small business marketing agency is able to offer a truly tailored approach. They know that small businesses are operating on a limited budget which means they need to make the most out of their marketing mix. A small business marketing agency will weight budget on the items of the balanced marketing mix that will make the most significant impact for the small business. This means that they will major on the majors and not the minors so that there is a higher return for the money invested.

How to Choose A Small Business Marketing Agency?

When looking for a small business marketing agency that fits your needs and your budget, what are some things that you should look for? First and foremost, trust should be established. Ensure that you are choosing a small business marketing agency that has a good reputation, has good organic (not paid for) reviews and doesn’t overpromise an outcome (all outcomes should be estimates based off of previous data). A good small business marketing agency will provide a balanced marketing mix of the following items:

  • Building a website that actually sells
  • Re-targeting methods set into place.
  • Directing Traffic To your site.
  • Evaluating your website for continuous improvement
  • Employing Local Search Optimization
  • Establishing Online Social Media Presence

How to Know if A Small Business Marketing Agency is Right For You?

With so many agencies out there, how do you know which one is the right fit for you? First, trust needs to be established. It’s hard to get anywhere without it. So do you research, ask the questions, take time to think about it and proceed when your gut tells you. Second, you need to have an aligned vision. Are you both on the same page about where the company is headed and how you want to get there? Don’t move on until you have a clear understanding of this phase. Third, you need to agree upon set and stretch goals so that everybody on the team is running the race in the same direction. One of the best and easiest ways to get there is a 6month to 1 year long marketing plan with actionable steps to reach your stretch goals. This plan should be visited 1x a month to ensure that you are on target. Fourth and perhaps the most important, you need confidence in the plan. It’s hard to move forward and get excited about your growth if you don’t have confidence in the plan. Ask the questions, do the research, look at the studies – do whatever you need to do to gain the confidence you need.

Your small business needs more than a one size fits all approach. You need a tailored marketing plan from a small business marketing agency you can trust. So, align your vision, set the goals and enjoy the growth you have worked hard for. Schedule a FREE Marketing Consultation today!