SEO Audit


Seize the opportunities your business has. With the BANMAR SEO AUDIT, we’ll provide an in depth overview of where your business is at from an SEO standpoint so you can make the most out of the opportunities your business has.


  • Site SEO Audit: We’ll evaluate your website, encounter problems and propose solutions to improve your local search.
  • Site Architecture Report. We’ll provide you with an in depth architecture report. This report details where your urls land within your site, the parent urls and any orphan pages.
  • List of Keywords for your business: receive a list of keywords that your business has the opportunity to rank for. Use across all media platforms including: website, ad’s, blogs, social media, etc
  • Metrics: We’ll provide you with a thorough metrics report that details your monthly traffic (gains and losses), your average bounce rate and click through rate.
  • Competitive Analysis of Keywords: We’ll provide you with a competitive analysis of how your keywords stack up against your top competitors.