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We partnered with Zachary A Cooper Law in 2021 to bring his professional legal services to life through logo and web design, Stroybrand Copywriting and Lead Generation Setup.

How it All Started

In 2021 we started with a contract that would change both of our lives. Zachary was opening his very first law practice in Wake County, North Carolina and needed help with creating a logo for his business, a brand new website and StoryBrand copywriting for his lead generation, content on his website, social media and ads. There is nothing quite like the beginning of something – a certain kind of magic unfolds when you get a front row seat to watch it from the start.

Logo & Graphics

Every lasting thing starts with a great foundation. We began our partnership by laying the foundation through design, namely creating brand standards. These brand standards act as the compass for all things design through set typography, colors and a logo that gives the business breath in its lungs.

Zachary A. Cooper Law website on an iMac screen.

Web Design

We launched a custom, StroyBranded WordPress website for Zack in 2021. The goal of our website was to easily let customers know who Zachary A. Copper Law was, what he does specifically, the problem he solves and how to easily get in contact with him. We relied heavily on StoryBrand graphics and copywriting to easily convey this message. Furthermore, used high quality graphics throughout the multi-page site and a custom lead generation drip campaign in order to easily communicate with clients.

Lead Generation

We know that buying traffic is expensive no matter where that traffic comes from (TV, social media, print, radio, etc).  In order to get the most out of ad spend, we created a lead generation that funnels into an email drip campaign so that Zack could continue to nurture his already invested clients while maximizing his ad spend budget. With the emailing list set up, Zack has set channels to offer promotions or value through emailed blogs at his choosing.

Zachary A. Cooper Law verbal brand standards guide second page.
Zachary A. Cooper Law verbal brand standards guide first page.

The Results

“I cannot thank you enough for your help and encouragement during this process! I was completely lost on branding and marketing when we had our first meeting. Now I feel like I know what steps to take to continue pushing my business forward. I certainly could not have gotten here without you and your team, and I hope to keep working with you to continue pushing forward to serve more clients!”
-Zachary A. Cooper
Raleigh NC Estate Attorney

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