How to Create a WordPress Sales Page

From time to time businesses that offer multiple products or services become really interested in highlighting one of those products/ services above the rest. It may be because you are running testing to see how well that product sells compared to your other products. Maybe it’s because you want to see if that product is positioned well in that market? Maybe it’s because it’s a higher dollar product that you want to sell more of. Whatever the reason, the likely solution is a WordPress Sales Page.

What are WordPress Sales Pages?

A WordPress Sales Page (also known as a campaign landing page) is a landing page created for a specific campaign with its very own unique selling proposition. Oftentimes these pages are created when a domain (website) wants to offer a very specific, targeted call to action. Moreover, many businesses know that when they create a uniquely targeted ad on Facebook or Google, they want their customer journey to go from the ad, to a set campaign page (WordPress Sales Page) created to convert and finally to converting directly on that page.


What makes a WordPress Sales Page Unique?

A WordPress Sales Page is created to do one thing: sell. Moreover, the goal of the page is to convert directly on the page. It goes beyond educating, influencing and nurturing. This is where the rubber meets the road. At this time when viewers reach this page, they should be at the sales cycle peak – the edge of conversion.


What Should Every WordPress Sales Page Should Include?

Every WordPress Sales should have a unique language that speaks directly to the ideal consumer in a way that they resonate with and moves them to action. The messaging talks to them in their pain and directly addresses it. After empathizing with their pain, it offers a solution to their problem. This campaign page should list the likely outcomes a consumer may be able to have if they use your product or service. Potential customers will want to see proof of concept so ensure that there is transparency and trust through the work done through past customers. The page should have a clear call to action button where they can purchase the item or service directly on your page and the purchasing process should be easy for them to complete.

Are WordPress Sales pages right for you?

If you have a very specific campaign initiative you want to achieve, a WordPress Sales Page may be the right option for you. A few things to remember are:

  • Choose images for your WordPress Sales Page that evoke emotion. Customers convert on emotions more often than an exact issue. Think, “I buy a security camera because it makes me feel safe rather than I buy a security camera because it takes videos of who is at my house.”
  • Video testimonials are one of the most powerful ways to build credibility and allow past customers to do  the convincing for you.
  • CTA (call to action) Buttons should be threaded throughout the WordPress Sales page to ensure that you give prospective customers more than one opportunity to convert.

Take your campaign initiative to the next level with your WordPress Sales Page. Enjoy the satisfaction and convenience of converting directly on the page. Get started today!