Crafting Pies

With Justin Buck of Urban Pie

Crafting Pies

Pizza isn’t a new concept, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for creativity when crafting pies! In this episode of The Banowetz Podcast, Justin explains how Urban Pie sets themselves apart from the competition.


Sarah: Welcome back to the Banowetz Marketing Podcast. We’re glad you’re here. I’m Sarah Banowetz and today our special guest is Justin Buck. Welcome. Thank you for being on the podcast. So Justin, you’re the owner of urban pie.

Justin: Yes. Well, one of three owners.

Sarah: One of three owners, okay perfect, perfect.

Justin: Partners. I’m the operations owner.

Sarah: Okay.

Justin: Do all the leg work.

Sarah: Fun. And there’s two locations, right? Marion and Cedar falls.

Justin: Correct.

Sarah: Awesome. So tell us a little bit about yourself.

Justin: I am 39 going on 40 next month.

Sarah: Happy early birthday.

Justin: Oh thank you! I have been in the hospitality industry most of my life with Bermuda companies in Cedar falls, Waterloo, that’s where I started, 18 years old working, working for that, that hospitality company. And then, what, I was 30, and I moved down to Phoenix in that area and started working for the university of Phoenix. I got out of the industry altogether and chose a different personal route and then ended up back in Cedar falls to get back in hospitality.

Currently have a fiance  in Cedar falls and a nine month little boy, a jet.

Sarah: Congratulations!

So you live in, yeah. So you live in Cedar Rapids and then you traveled to Marion, to the Marion location.

Justin: No, I live in Cedar Falls.

Sarah: Cedar Falls. Sorry, did I say Cedar Rapids? I in my head, I was thinking Cedar Falls and I said, Cedar Rapids, sorry. And then you traveled to the Marion location a few times a week.

Justin: Yep, and when I first opened the Marion location, I lived here for first 10 months.

Sarah: Okay.

Justin: To get it up and going.

Sarah: And how did you guys, so Cedar falls was first, correct?

Justin: Yes, in 2017.

How did you guys decided to, 2017, and then when the Marion location must’ve opened pretty shortly after that, right?

November of 2000. So that Valentine’s day, 2017, we opened Cedar falls and then November 1st, 2017 we opened Marion.

Sarah: Okay.

Justin: So it went very quick the first year.

Sarah: Cause I feel like you have been around for awhile. You guys are one of my favorite places to eat.

Justin: Yeah. Just over two years. Yeah. Yeah. We’ve been around, it seems like, it seems like longer in some, some instances, but it’s been a really quick three years for me. I guess it’s just over two and in Marion, and it’ll be coming up next month, it’ll be three years in Cedar falls.

Sarah: Now you have a stone oven in Marion, do you also in Cedar Falls?

Justin: Same oven in both places?

It’s actually a, what would be considered a, most people know as a brick oven. A lot of ovens like that do a wood fire. We actually do a gas fire. It’s a. more even cooking, it’s easier to regulate your temperature. But we have on occasions cooked with wood in the  ovens too, they double that way.

But as far as I know, in Iowa, I haven’t seen anybody with the same ovens that we have. We got them out of New York. They were handmade in Italy. So that’s what that was their selling point was, a true Italian oven. And we got it.

Sarah: Very cool. And you guys also do hot wings, which are delicious.

Justin: They’re smoked wing.

Sarah: Okay.

Justin: And those are from an Iowa based company.

Sarah: I’m gonna put you on the spot. Do you know all your sauces?

Justin: Yeah, all my wing sauces? Oh yeah, of course. Sweet chili. You have Buffalo, garlic parmesean, mango habanero, barbecue, spicy barbecue, sriracha and that’s it. For just your wing sauces.

Sarah: Yeah, they’re delicious! Yeah.

Justin: And our ranch is really, we make it in house. Yeah. Same thing with our dough. Everything that we do, our dough is handmade in house, so we don’t buy any frozen materials like that to make our dough. They’re not premade, there’s only four ingredients in the, in the dough. So it’s pretty clean recipe.

Sarah: And you have some unique recipes for your pizza.

Justin: Yup. Well, our custom ones, I try to be creative as as I can with them. Some of them have been on the menu since day one. Some of them have are more recent. I try, we try to change up the menu about every, I would say at this point, I’ve been doing it about every six to nine months, adding or taking away.

The one that’s been on the menu the longest, or the original one, I think is our most popular is the meat mountain. Just basically a meat lovers pizza. But currently our most popular on our newest, on the menu is a crab rangoon, which has some of the wing sauce. It was sweet chili sauce on it with wontons.

I don’t know what it is about Iowans, they love different pizzas. Our traditional, we call it the traditional Iowa taco taco pizza. Which is probably number two. So you got your meat mountain, taco pizza and crab rangoon.

Sarah: I’m really excited to hear that you have the crab rangoon!

Justin: You haven’t had it?

Sarah: No, I haven’t had it yet. Our favorite one is it called the farm boy.

Justin: The farm boy. Yeah.

Sarah: That’s the one with corn.

Justin: Corn, onion, pulled pork and barbecue sauce.

Sarah: Yeah, that’s a good one.

Justin: That’s Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue that we use.

Sarah: Yeah. That one is the one that I will crave and my husband tells me, I can’t.

I’m always like, can we order Urban Pie? And like he’s not again!

Justin: Of course, again! Yes. As much as you want.

Sarah: I know. Like, yeah, he’s watching the checkbook and I’m watching my stomach.

Justin: Well, on Mondays you get two for one pizza, so.

Sarah: There we go. I did not know that. I’m glad you mentioned that. I did not know that, we will be ordering a lot more on Mondays.

Very cool. So what is one of your favorite things about owning urban pie?

Justin: , I love the fact that. I’m my own boss for one. Everybody, I guess it’s the customer’s really my boss. They dictate what I do and what I don’t do on a daily basis. It’s nice to know that you can be creative with what you do and what you love.

I’ve always been really good with recipes and cooking and just coming up with creative ideas. That’s something that it’s fun to do for me. It’s fun to interact with people and hear all, you’re doing a great job, or we love your place. It’s a little bit more, when you do something well and when you have success, . I’ve been in the corporate world and had a job with a large company and worked for myself. So definitely you get. More gratitude. It’s, it’s more rewarding.

Sarah: Well you guys have a good reputation with the community too.

Justin: That’s good to hear.

Sarah: So in Marianne, you’re right off of seventh Avenue.

Justin: Yes.

Sarah: Right across the street from the square.

Justin: Yep, in the uptown district.

Sarah: Where are you at in Cedar falls?

Justin: Cedar falls, we’re in the downtown district of Cedar falls, the historical downtown district. There’s a lot of new development we’re in the newer developed area. Downtown Cedar falls is, is a pretty large for a downtown area in the state of Iowa anyways, I would say pretty large district. There’s a lot of foot traffic down there. Which we enjoy, like to take advantage of.

Sarah: Yeah.

Justin: It’s a little bit more traveled than the Marian one.

Sarah: Speaking of foot traffic, you guys are looking at starting to do lunchtime slices, is that right?

Justin: Well, we’ve, I’ve played around with large pizzas.

Traditionally, our traditional pizzas are a ten inch pizza that is really an individual style. You can do one of our custom pizzas or you can design anything that you want, any way that you want to design it. It’s a 10 inch pizza, it’s usually one person will eat it or you can split one with two people if you get wings, or salad or anything like that.

For catering  purposes, just being able to get pizzas to parties in large groups and things like that, we started experimenting with large 14 inch pizzas. Being that we do, or we’re able to cook our pizzas in about a minute and a half, two minutes, that’s just the oven time, obviously. It takes us a couple of minutes to put it together,  about five minutes.

People are always on the go for lunch and it gives you, with the  warmer and doing slices of pizza, it’s you’re able to walk in, grab a slice, turn around, walkout. Which, you have the convenience stations, the gas stations have those, the pizza by the slice, but I’d like to think that our, our slices are a little bit higher quality for the same price.

Sarah: That’s the truth!

Justin: We’re doing slices for $3.

Sarah: Yeah, that’s really good. I then you also do catering.

Justin: Yeah. We cater large groups, parties, businesses, lunches, dinners, really, we try to be as broad as we can. Catering pizza’s an easy thing to cater. And we do toasted subs now as well. I guess I didn’t mention that. Anything on our menu really travels well. So, especially when you get groups, who doesn’t like pizza? So it’s an easy one.

We have a lot, obviously a lot of competition there, but like I said, you know, no extra charges or anything like that for us to cater events and things like that. When we have large parties and we have areas within both of our restaurants where there’s areas for large groups and a lot of restaurants or businesses will charge groups a fee just to come to the restaurant or use their facilities, and that’s something that we don’t do. We, we always give that space for free to people just because if you’re choosing us as a business to, you know, have your event or your function, we know that you’re going to come and spend some money.

It’s not like you’re going to come sit there and not partake in what we have to offer you. We like to say, hey, you want to use us? We want to make it easy for you and not gouge you on the pricing, type of thing.

Sarah: Well, and your location is, their interior is beautiful. I mean outside too. But the interior is beautiful. It would be nice to have a party there too. And you have a nice large bar, at least in the Marrion location.

Justin: We do in both locations. And Marion, obviously it’s a historical building, so  there’s a lot of original flooring and walls within the building, but it’s obviously updated from when we moved in.

We have two separate sides in our Marion location. We kind of have like the dining room side or the bar side, so it makes it easy to separate your group from one side or the other and just focus on  your event.

Sarah: And it makes it quieter too, I’ve noticed.

Justin: Yeah.

Sarah: Because you’re separating the room in half and so you have less people in each half.

Justin: It’s, yeah, it can. It can get loud though when there’s a big group.

Sarah: It’s not quiet, quiet, but it’s just quieter than you would expect.

Justin: And you can be secluded for your group too.

Sarah: Because you have that back area too. Where you can have a big group table and stuff.

Justin: Yeah, it’s not a huge area for that way back room, but if you have a small group, eight people, it works pretty well.

Sarah: I will say the way that my husband and I order is, even though we could split one pizza, we always order two because you have so many options on the menu there. The pizzas are so creative, so we can’t, neither one of us can just decide anywhere else. We’ll order like a pepperoni or a cheese.

Justin: You don’t want to share?

Sarah: Well no. We will share. So we will. So we’ll order two pizzas and wings and then obviously we have leftovers too, which is always good.

Justin: Yeah.

Sarah: But we can’t just decide on one one cause they’re too creative.

Justin: I have a lot of customers that do it for the opposite reason of what you do. My fiance came home the other day and she’s like, she works for an insurance company and she came home, she goes, one of my clients said that they’re going to Cedar falls and that Urban Pie is their favorite restaurant. And they were driving from Eldora, Iowa, so about an hour drive just to come and have pizza. And they didn’t know that she was with me, the owner.

And she was like, well, that’s, she first she asked like, why do you like it? And they’re like, he goes, I love going there because I don’t have to share with my wife. I get to make whatever pizza I want, and she can do whatever she wants and I get my own pizza. So, once she let him know that, and she gave him some coupons. I hear that a lot, we don’t have to share. I can get whatever I want. So, we also get like, you and your husband do.

Groups of people that are order a whole selection of pizza and, because they’re 10 inches, you can slide them around. Everybody can try one too.

Sarah: Well that’s, yeah, that’s just it.

Justin: It’s creative. It’s what really, whatever you want to do.

Sarah: You would have a hard time because your pizzas are so creative, if you did larger ones and not the smaller ones at all.

I mean you can do larger ones, but then not having the 10 inches, then we would have to choose one and we don’t have to choose one. We can get to.

Justin: Yeah. And that’s really nice. Where for families with children too, cause I would, I would say, our number one base of clients is probably families, which is probably pretty common with pizza places, but, kids always want one topping, pepperoni or cheese.

So, it’s easy to give the kids their own ten inch and you know, if you get that large, then you’re going to have to divide it up in a different slice or portions, things of that nature, but it’s, it’s a convenience  factor. It’s a creativity factor. I think that’s one of the uniquenesses that we have over a lot of different pizza places. Yeah, you can always make your own, but it’s really more you get that personal style that that sense of this is my pizza and I don’t have to share.

Sarah: Yeah. So Justin, since we’re a marketing agency, we like to ask if you guys have any marketing questions that you would want to ask us, to give it any kind of free value to you.

Justin: Yes. As far as the marketing company, like. You know, being in the business, I’ve had my fair share of, of companies approach me and talk to me about opportunities and, and what I would like to see in marketing, for marketing company.

I’d really like to know how you direct your customers or clients or potential clients and kind of direct them as to what you can offer them or how you can take their business and help them grow and, and direct me rather than me telling you what I need because I’m not the markettier. I’m the restaurant operator.

Sarah: You’ve got enough on your plate.

Justin: I don’t worry about the, I make good food. I have a good staff, but if I was the marketing expert, I would not need a marketing company, or look for marketing options. So really as a marketing person, how do you help the customer understand or direct them to help grow their business.

Sarah: Well, and that question is, it’s really not unique. It’s actually how Banowetz Marketing started. I was, you know, I’m glad that you asked this question because I grew up in entrepreneurship, so my parents own Warehouse Auto Company and they started it from scratch when I was nine.

And then I’ve had marketing skills, so I grew up in the business and then grew up with marketing for Warehouse Auto. Their current tagline right now I came up with, which is “Enjoy Car Shopping”. And so I was working in house for them for a long time and then I started traveling a bunch of Ethiopia.

So we actually went out to find a marketing department so that I could step back. Were really frustrated because we’d interview marketing companies and ask them to do different pieces for us. Well, there were two frustrations.

Frustration number one was the same type of thing. They just want to be told what to do.

Frustration number two what I would describe as entrepreneurial hustle not being in existence. And I don’t blame the marketing agencies themselves because it’s just not the way that they were built.

So if you think about it, 20 or 30 years ago, marketing agencies really sold media. So they would sell like TV, radio and everything like that. Society has changed so much, but the marketing agencies themselves haven’t changed very much. And we don’t need to sell media as much, now. We still do older media, it still works when you can get it cheap enough.

I’m trying not to like bash agencies or old media. I’m trying not to do that. But what I am saying is that as someone who understands entrepreneurship and the way that society is changing, what you really need is entrepreneurial hustle that helps fight for the company that you’re working for. And that just didn’t exist in an agency world.

So, when I, I traveled to Ethiopia four times, I come back here and I was ready to actually just start running Warehouse Auto. And I asked my dad, are you ready to retire? And he wasn’t ready to retire.

Justin: Work forever.

Sarah: Yeah. So two years ago we started Banowetz Marketing where Warehouse Auto was our first client. I’m taking that entrepreneurial hustle and we’ve used that to help with what Warehouse Auto, and then that model that we started making there. I essentially, I already had been a professional photographer too, so I already had an LLC, so we just changed the name of the LLC.

Didn’t need to, but we did, and then have the DBA as Banowetz Marketing and started providing that entrepreneurial hustle from someone who understands it from the business owner side.

Then, directly to answer your question, it’s a matter of you’re right. That you, as a business owner, shouldn’t have to tell me what to do because I’m the one that’s supposed to be the professional in the industry.

It would be like if I came to you and you wanted me to like just cook pizza, like you want me to cook my own pizza or whatever. You know what I’m saying? It’s like, yeah. It’s like, wait a second, isn’t that your job?

Justin: I went to, my fiance took me to a restaurant once where it was a cook, your own steak restaurant.

Sarah: Yes.

Justin: I’m like, I work all day cooking.

But I thought it’d be fun.

I’m like, I want to go to a restaurant so somebody cooks for me.

Sarah: Exactly. Exactly.

Justin: The whole marketing,  I want to go to a marketing company who markets for me.

Sarah: I’m going to talk now as Sarah Banowetz and not necessarily as Banowetz Marketing. So if you rather you hire, because, what I’m about to say fits with Banowetz Marketing, but whether you hire Banowetz Marketing or not in any case, cause people around the country could be hearing this too. Which you could still hire us, but regardless of whether you hire Banowetz Marketing or not, here’s what you need to look for in an agency, in my opinion.

And I think that it’s starting to change in this direction, but it’s not there yet. But this is what you could ask for too.

Essentially what you want is a marketing department headed by a marketing director that you can hire on a contractor basis. So you want a marketing department that you can hire on a contractor basis.

You don’t want an agency that’s just going to sell you ads, because right now with the way things are, it used to be that you could buy so many ads in print or radio, TV, and that would,

Justin: Still can.

Sarah: and you still can, but that would push your company forward. The amount of money you could put into those ads was directly related to the output.

It’s not necessarily that way, and it really isn’t that way anymore. It’s a lot of free marketing, but we don’t know how to do it.

So social media, for example, you don’t have to spend money on Facebook ads, but you do have to put out strong creative. You have to talk to your customer a lot.

And so it’s either going to take time, marketing today takes time or money. It’s going to take money because it takes time, not because you’re necessarily paying an advertising company, but because if you’re not the one interacting with your customers on social media, you need to hire someone to interact with your customers on social media, and that takes money then.

So instead of spending it necessarily on ads, you’re spending it on personnel. So really that’s where marketing agencies are going to have to change because they have to go from the ad based to the hustle based, personnel based, creative based.

Where before you could put out one commercial, you now need to put out a ton of short form content, a ton of videos, a ton of just, a lot of creative. Which then makes it a great opportunity now for the artist because you know, growing up it’s, you don’t want to be an artist, you’re going to be a starving artist.

But in today’s world, businesses need artists now and they need them in hordes of people. They need hordes of artists. And so this is a perfect opportunity for creatives to stand up and help businesses grow, because that’s what businesses need right now.

So to answer your question, you’re right, it needs to be, but it’s the frame. It’s the mindset. It’s the framework.

If you hire someone who is just like, well, I’m just going to do this one thing for you, and they’re not looking at your entire,

Justin: Yeah.

Sarah: and like everything that you’re doing. It all goes together and it’s hard to find too, because that’s why I’m not a consultant, because it’s hard to find the people to implement the work that you have ideas for.

Justin: And it’s hard to see results sometimes. It’s, there’s going to be results, results. It’s not always easy to see the results that you’re getting. You might get a ton of views on Facebook posts and things of that nature, but it doesn’t necessarily dictate the amount of business that you’re bringing through there.

Especially in, in my opinion, with today’s society, people are liking things they see on Facebook or Instagram or TikTok. Now they’re, they’re liking, they’re seeing things or liking it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s generating any business for you other than awareness.

Sarah: So then what you want to do with that, is you want the things that you put out there that are just, have you heard of Gary Vaynerchuk?

Justin: Mhmm.

Sarah: Okay. So Gary Vaynerchuk talks about the right hook and the jab, jab, jab, right hook. So when you’re putting out things that, um, just generate likes, but they are not really geared to generating sales.

Let’s say you update the pizza oven, and something or other, and you take a picture of that and you put that on there and that’s just your jab, jab, jab, or asking questions.

Edith and Lucille’s. Have you, do you know who that that company is? Their restaurant in Cedar Rapids.

Justin: I’m not familiar with.

Sarah: They do really well with their, with engagement on their Facebook.

I don’t have anything to do with them, but they do really well with their engagement with their likes because they’re putting out things that are just like that jab, jab, jab, it’s not necessarily that right hook of, we’re going to make a sale right now, but what happens is you want to feed Facebook and Instagram, you want to feed the algorithm.

So the more jab, jab jabs that don’t necessarily produce fruit right now are making your page so that it’s  more likely to share.

So if you want engaged customers, you don’t want to do like a likes campaign where you get a bunch of likes.

I personally, as a marketer, do not care how many likes you have on a page. As long as there’s enough likes to put authority behind your name. Like if you had only 10 likes on your Facebook page, I’d be like, well, you got to do something there because it shows that you don’t have authority, but I don’t care if you have 600 I don’t care if you have 2000 I don’t care if you have a hundred thousand.

What I care about is, are those likes, do they actually like you? Because if you have 10,000, just generally speaking, if a page will have 10,000 likes on the page, but then they post out one jab, that’s not, you know, it’s not a right hook. It’s just a jab, but it only gets 10 likes. Then what does that say to me?

That says to me that those were bought likes, that they’re people who are not engaged, they don’t care. And Facebook knows that. The algorithm knows that.

So what you want is you want to have real likes on your page. You want to put out content that even if it doesn’t produce sales, feeds that Facebook algorithm machine so that, yeah, you might be posting all week, just that jab, jab, jab, like, Hey, we’re here, and then two weeks later when Facebook knows that your page is popular, that it’s fed the Facebook algorithm, that you have engaged users.

Then when you do post, we’re doing a sale right now, or we have this new product right now. All of a sudden that’s the right hook and you’ve helped feed the system versus if you didn’t do all of those jabs, then as soon as you put out that that jab, it’s ignored.

Justin: Okay.

Sarah: Relatively speaking.

Justin: Makes sense.

Sarah: June Schmidt also works for us in business leadership, her husband is Bob Schmidt, who was the owner operator of the Chick-fil-A brand in this area around here. And he had a really great comment. He’s like, “marketing is like watching water boil”.

So it’s not sales. Marketing and sales go hand in hand. Marketing is really about your branding and about your voice and communication.

It’s not that it’s not a microwave, it’s watching it boil. So you want to see bubbles. So as long as you’re seeing bubbles and it keeps getting hotter and stuff, you’re on the right track.

Justin: Perfect analogy.

Sarah: Yeah. You want a marketing company that’s going to help heat up your water to go on the right track.

And if you don’t see any bubbles or anything like that, then that’s where it’s a little leery.

Some people also say, my Facebook ads don’t work, so I’m not going to do Facebook. That’s not, that’s false. You haven’t said that, but I know someone earlier today here, we had a guest on earlier, they mentioned that too.

If you think it didn’t work, try something else. Facebook and Google does work for advertising. It is the best way to get your word out there and paid advertising right now, in my opinion. Once again, sorry to all the people who sell TV and radio, it also depends on your demographic too.

Justin: Depends on what kind of content to, I think probably.

Sarah: Yeah. And you’re going to spend less if you have good content.

Justin: Yeah. If you’re trying to give a service, give something, people are probably Googling what they want.

Sarah: Yeah.

Justin: And Facebook, Instagram, social media there.

Sarah: Yeah, it’s push out vs pulling.

Justin: So it kind of knowing and understanding maybe, what line I should use Google for, what line I should use social media for, that type of stuff. Yeah. That type of stuff too.

Sarah: And you really, that’s where it really helps. It’s why I started Banowetz Marketing. Companies need a marketing director to tell them what to do. A lot of my favorite people to work with are, you know, family owned companies and. Independently owned companies and they can’t afford a full time marketing director.

And then once you have the marketing director, you, well, we gotta get creative made. So where’s the photographer? Where’s the graphic designer? Where’s the audio producer? So that’s how we built this company is so that companies can hire that and it’s unique, it’s a one stop shop.

And if we can’t do it in house, we can figure out how to get it done. So like we just do basic websites, um, because we are not, I don’t really love websites.

We do WordPress websites, so I can get there and edit if it’s already been done. But if any company needs like a powerful website, um, like a car dealership, you need something that’s more powerful. It helps with the CRM integrated in with the website, then we get in touch with the companies that can do that.

But, but again, because that’s my job, my job as the marketing director to figure out what it is and to figure out what the goals and pain points are of the businesses I’m working with and then help solve those problems.

Justin: Okay.

Sarah: So, yeah.

Justin: It’s a lot of info.

Sarah: Just hose you with a lot. Yeah.

Well, okay,  so back to Urban Pie. How do people find you? So a website  I assume?

Justin: So they are our initials, And then. Uh, Facebook. It’s Urban Pie UP, too and Instagram. We have two accounts. One for Cedar falls, one for Marion, which Urban Pie Cedar Falls, Urban Pie Marion. But you can always find us on in uptown Marion or downtown Cedar Falls. You can walk in and have pizza too.

Sarah: And then for catering, just call the phone number,? Is that the best way to do it?

Justin: Contact at, the office in Cedar falls. You can email me, just attention to Justin and I’ll get you any information set up, any catering, ,any specials we have for you, how we can work with you, whatever event it’s going to be, things like that.

I have done a couple of weddings, believe it or not, for people I’ve done pizza. You’d be surprised that people  want to do pizza for certain events. Fundraising too. It’s something that we’ve been big and pushing.

Especially, a lot of competitive sports teams for the youth that have to pay a lot of money to go to these tournaments and travel and things like that. So we do give back. Nights where the team can actually come in and help the servers with busing the tables, things like that. We do give a portion of our sales back to the team so they can put it towards their tournaments.

We do that for really anybody’s cause too. We, we did Knox Blocks the other week, and are you familiar with Knox blocks?

Sarah: I’ve heard of it.

Justin: It’s basically, they try to get Owlettes for infants, for babies, into homes where people can’t afford them. It’s a foundation that try to help children. I’m not that knowledgeable, so I’m not going to give you the details, but it’s things like that.

People with cancer, helping families out. We try to do as many local charities and events and fundraising campaigns with these businesses, or just individuals, whatever we can do to help and cause. We’re a local business, like you said, we’re, we’re a small town. Not small, I guess it’s Cedar Rapids in so small town Iowa. But, it’s that feel with Marion and Cedar falls and having local community, which we try to be involved in as much as we can.

So that’s why we try to help out any organization we can, and do whatever  we can do to  kind of help them reach their goals and and get what they need.

Sarah: That’s very cool. Your location, too, is perfect for that community with all the square events that happen.

Justin: Yeah. Same thing with Cedar falls. There’s a lot of downtown traffic and there’s parks and events, so yeah, we’re, we try to stay as known, we try to be a part of the community as much as possible.

Sarah: Perfect. Well, thank you for being on the podcast, Justin. I really appreciate it and for everybody else, thanks for watching in. Make sure that you like and subscribe. If you see this, and if you want any help with your marketing, feel free to visit and we will see you later.

Thanks, bye!