Selected Value: 1
Selected Value: 1
1. What is their age and sex?
2. Are they married or single?
3. Do they have children?
4. How do they get in touch with you (email, phone, text)?
5. What kinds of things do they say to you (please use quotes so we can 'hear' them talk to you)?
6. What do they love about your company?
7. What is anything else about them that is relevant to understanding who this person is (this is your ideal client/customer 'avatar')?
8. Why are they your favorite customer?
1. Practically speaking, what are they actually buying from you?
2. Emotionally speaking, what are they buying from you? (ie: safety? service? trust? happiness? comfort?)
1. Why did you start your company? If someone else started it, why did they start it?
2. Why do you continue in your business? What is it that gets you up in the morning?
3. What do you love about your industry? What do you dislike about your industry?
4. Anything else you'd like us to know?
Please note: Some of these questions may seem repetitive but please trust the process as it's very helpful for us to understand your business in order to help you clarify your message.
Your answer can be brief.
This question is not mandatory in case it's an obvious process (restaurants, clothing stores, etc).
Example: "We call customer from purchased list. It takes about 5 calls on average. They sign up for 'xyz' product via credit card by phone. An appt is made for them to work with an account manager to create their product. The customer has to do 'these specific tasks' in order for our team to do the work. It takes about 4 weeks for delivery. Delivery happens 'this specific way'. Purchase is over."
If unsure if you should answer this or not, please answer this question.
As a business owner, you may not see how sharing this is relevant to clear messaging but without knowing this, we may make a suggestion that doesn't work well right now. Our goal is to create clarified messaging for you that you only need to slightly tweak when you receive your first draft. An example of an answer to this question would be the 2009 'Cash for Clunkers' program for the car sales industry. If it were 2009 and your business was in or connected to this industry, it would be relevant and important for us to know about this.