Being Their Voice

In this episode of the Banowetz Podcast, Stephanie and June talk about Stephanie’s experience with balancing work and home life while doing what she loves and being her own boss.

Buying An Existing Business

“Everybody’s an expert at something, and there’s things I won’t do, I’ll go hire an expert. So that’s the way we want to be. No matter what, we’re always there […]

Customer Connection Matters

 ” [One of the] most overlooked marketing tools, especially today when a lot of people are moving to technology and all this other stuff and social media is…. the whole […]

Break My Neck?

“Everybody has their thing, and one thing with chiropractors that’s really universal I’ve noticed is it seems like they’re all a jack of all trades.” Transcription of the Podcast – […]

People Want to Know Your Story

Welcome to the Banowetz Marketing Podcast! Today we have with us special guest, Lynn Davey. In this episode, Lynn and Sarah discuss how important your story is. Transcription of the […]