Buying An Existing Business

“Everybody’s an expert at something, and there’s things I won’t do, I’ll go hire an expert. So that’s the way we want to be. No matter what, we’re always there for whoever.” Transcription of the Podcast Sara Banowetz: Well welcome back to the Banowetz Marketing podcast. Today I have June Schmidt with me and I’m […]

Customer Connection Matters

 ” [One of the] most overlooked marketing tools, especially today when a lot of people are moving to technology and all this other stuff and social media is…. the whole building one-to-one connections.” Transcription of the Podcast Ian Crumley: Well, welcome, to the Banowetz podcast. Speaker 2: The Banowetz Podcast. Ian Crumley: Today, we’re joined […]

Break My Neck?

“Everybody has their thing, and one thing with chiropractors that’s really universal I’ve noticed is it seems like they’re all a jack of all trades.” Transcription of the Podcast – Most people are like, they find out what I do and they’re like “You’re a chiropractor?” I’m like “Yeah.” “You don’t act like one.” And […]

People Want to Know Your Story

  Sarah Banowetz: Well, welcome back to the Banowetz Marketing Podcast. I am excited today to have Lynn Davey with us. Welcome Lynn. Lynn Davey: Hey, thank you. I’m happy to be here. Intro: The Banowetz Podcast. Sarah Banowetz: Thanks for coming. So Lynn is the chief strategist for Lynn Anderson Davy Marketing and Communications. […]