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With the Foundational Marketing Training you'll learn marketing strategies and get a proven step-by-step marketing plan to grow your business.

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The Step-by-Step
Foundational Marketing Plan
to Grow Your Business.

Marketing solutions are more attainable when they are broken down into bite sized chunks.

The Foundational Marketing Training by BanMar Edu is 3 phase course that gives you what you need to know without overwhelming you with excess information.

Weekly deliverables give you tangible goals to keep you motivated and on-track.


Foundational Marketing


Market Saturation


Influence & Profits

Branding & Placement

Setting up a strong brand with StoryBrand messaging, visual brand standards and a logo sets the stage for your advertising and sales efforts.

Conversion Systems

Once you have a strong brand, the next step is to set up the systems that lead to conversion. This includes your website, lead generator and systems consulting.


A strong foundation is only effective if it's in use. Setting up automated systems like CRM integration and feedback loops between marketing and sales will keep your business running even when you're busy.

Research & Analytics

Knowing where your brand stands is essential to determine what systems are working and where you should go next. This step will include conducting market research, gathering analytical reports and tracking leads.

Marketing your business can feel overwhelming.
We're here to help with that.

Our 3 part system is designed to guide you through the foundations of effective marketing and give you the tools you need for optimal business growth.

Each phase is designed to span over 3 months, for a total of 9 months by the end of the course. Classes will be held every Thursday from 7-8pm central (subject to change). We will start a new phase each quarter with ongoing support available for previous phases so you can work at your own pace.

Homework Expectation:
It is our commitment to you to deliver actionable items and valuable assets that can be directly implemented within your business throughout each phase that you participate in. In order to produce these deliverables, you will get homework after each class, with the final week culminating in the completion of all deliverables. Our expectation is that you complete the homework given each week. Our commitment to you is to help you apply that homework to your business.

A three part system designed to help you learn foundational marketing strategies and ongoing processes without overwhelming you.

Learn with flexibility. Stay motivated with action items and deliverables. Gain security for your team and community along the way.

Recession-proof your business by gaining the knowledge, materials and insight you need to pass the competition.

For businesses poised to grow, we're here to help.

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