Grow Without Sacrificing Your Dream.

We Help You Get There.

Lead by serving in order to help others accomplish their goals.

Communicate honestly and transparently.

Entrepreneurship helps with human flourishing.

Growing a Business is Hard.

Banowetz Marketing provides a marketing action plan and expert help so your family business can thrive.

Who are We?

In January of 2018 we started as an ambitious startup located in Cedar Rapids, with the simple goal of helping small businesses thrive. We left our office space in March of 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic to continue our work from home, collaborating virtually. Today, we serve businesses of varying sizes across the United States that share our family and small business values.

How are we Different?

Banowetz Marketing acts as your marketing department, but at a fraction of the cost of an in-house department. We work closely with businesses to get to know the people and industries.

How can we help you?

Banowetz Marketing helps you by providing leadership and direction, planning and implementation, industry knowledge, creativity and clear communication. We implement the marketing plans that your company needs to grow.

Meet Your Dream Supporters

Sarah Banowetz Headshot

Managing Partner

Sarah is the driving force behind what we do. Her marketing skills and contagious passion motivate us and everyone we serve.

Terry Headshot

Terry Carlson


With years of experience in running a family business, Terry is a valuable asset to our team and we can always rely on her for honest feedback.

Annie Headshot

Marketing Director

Annie is a thoughtful leader, full of structured ideas and analytical skills. She specializes in content creation and social media marketing.

Melody Headshot

Melody Nesslage

Brand Designer

Melody is a versatile and passionate designer who is ready to take on any task. She specializes in branding, logo and layout design.

White Maltese Puppy with a brown bone in his mouth, lounging on a beige chair.


Pup Brand Ambassador

Beza Headshot

Beza Tewodros

Marketing Assistant

Beza’s drive and ambition make her ready to take on any marketing task. She is highly adaptable and loves expanding her bank of knowledge.

What You'll Discover from the Banowetz Marketing Team:

Strategy & Planning

A marketing department for the cost of a single employee.

Marketing Automation

Analyze needs, strategize goals and deploy focused expertise. Seasoned team of inspiring leaders that will nourish growth.

Goal Driven Approach

Create simplified processes to implement steady growth. Achieve sustainable growth by setting goals, developing and executing plans, measuring results and being agile.

Distinctive Branding

Develop a consistent brand for recognition, attention and building trust.

Digital Marketing

Communicate with your consumers on the platforms they are currently using. Post eye-catching content to stay on the mind of consumers.

Community Focused

Value the support of the community you live in by giving back.

Podcast Production

Give consumers convenient access to hear your message on an engaging platform.

Creative Creation

We use Storybrand methodology that sets you as the guide of your customer, who is the hero. You help them solve a problem they have so that they win in the end and save the day.

We care about family & small business because we are a family business!

Growing up in family business gave me a passion for seeing small businesses thrive. A pivotal point in this journey was during the 2008 recession, when my parents’ successful business needed fresh branding and marketing techniques. I took the experience with the marketing I was doing in my own photography business and started implementing the same successful strategies in my family’s business. I watched their business bloom even further and it set a fire within me. 

Every family business should be able to experience this success from their marketing efforts.

That’s when the passion really began. I believe that every entrepreneur should have the marketing support they need in order to run their business successfully.

Even on the hard days, this is what gets me up in the morning and what keeps me motivated – seeing small businesses provided with the right tools that they need to really thrive. Business owners are looking for marketing that fits their needs precisely, without sacrificing the bottom line. 

I believe that your marketing should be working for you.



Our 3 Step Process:

Evaluate Your Business

Quickly evaluate your business using our Marketing Health Assessment.

Get Marketing Direction

Done-for-you services or done-with-you assistance. Either way, we're here to help.

Build Influence & Profits

We believe that entrepreneurship helps communities, families & leaders flourish.

Purchase the Marketing Health Assessment for $25 here or receive it for FREE when booking a complementary consultation with us.


Amplifier icon with the text "your message" in front of it.

Verbal Brand Standards

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, Sarah and her team will get you set up with clear brand messaging to help you get more sales.

Eye icon with the text "see your brand".

Visual Brand Standards

Your brand will stand out when you use professional branding that attracts the customers you love working with.

Website icon with graphics for desktop, smartphone and tablet website designs.

Website Design

Whether you need a brand new website or our assistance in updating your current website, we’re here to help.

Lead gen icon.

Lead Generating PDF

Get a well-written, beautifully designed, multi-page PDF for your family business which introduces your target audience to your brand or gives them more information.

Email campaign icon.

Email Sales Sequence

Our copywriting team will create a 5 part sales-focused email sequence for your family business.


Logo design icon with graphic of a fountain pen tip.

Logo Design

Your business needs a well designed logo that represents your brand and mission. We can create that for you from scratch, or we can update an existing one.